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Art excites me because it gives me the opportunity to;

‘ Feel, think and reflect on what it is to be human within our cosmos’.

I have had a lifelong interest in Cosmology as in the metaphysical study of the Universe in its whole. As well as being interested in how we humans connect with this universe. Metaphysics is a traditional branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of being and the world that encompasses it.
Cosmology has been described as a ‘historical science’ by astrophysicist David.N.Spergel because;

‘when we look out in space, we look back in time’

(due to the finite nature of the speed of light). I have also a keen interested in how past human civilisations have explored the physical and philosophical nature of the universe.
According to Disney in an anthropological study, over sixty separate cultures had a common interest in cosmology

‘Apparently, to be human is to care how the physical world came to be, whether it has boundaries and what is to become of it.’

(Disney, Michael J. “Modern cosmology: Science or folktale?” American Scientist 95.5 (2007): 383.)
Being an Artist gives me the chance to explore some of these fundamental philosophical questions which we are all interested in…..

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