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ArtSci Exhibition on this weekend in Scarborough at the old parcels Office.

As a mixed media ArtSci artist, I am fascinated with how new technology has opened up the macro and micro worlds for exploration. This body of work was inspired by investigation of slides at the art/Science ASCUS lab in Edinburgh.
The six large canvasses were inspired by research of one slide-(YU CS-cat). I was amazed at the multitude and varied vistas which the microscope revealed. I aimed to capture glimpses of this exciting micro world, with its plethora of diverse form, shape, texture, and colour. I used collage, inks and fluid acrylic pouring, to open up this usually hidden world to explore.
For the microcosms work, I used alcohol inks on yupo, to create abstract impressions of the infinite, diversity, beauty, energy, and flow of this mysterious realm.

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